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Dear Restaurant Owners and Managers,

You know that customer feedback is critical to continually improving and maintaining your success. With, you have a formal feedback program that is powerful, easy-to-use and inexpensive.

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Subscribe to for $19 per month, per restaurant. Sign up now, and try the program for one restaurant for one month FOR FREE. No obligations.

How does it work?

Sample Flow of Survey Steps

It's incredibly easy!

  1. After subscribing by registering your parent company, you set up the surveys for your restaurants using the administrative tools. Customize your survey(s) and add your logo.
  2. Continuously or periodically, use the tools to invite your patrons to complete the survey.
    • Collect patron e-mail addresses from patrons, enter them into DineSat, and they will receive an e-mail inviting them to complete the survey.
    • You can create a "always open" URL for your patrons to visit or to link to from your existing restaurant web site.
    • Restaurant creates and hands uniquely coded survey invitation slips out to patrons with their dining receipts.
  3. Patrons visit your survey and provide feedback through the restaurant branded questionnaire.
  4. Upon completing survey, patron gets a gift certificate (if you want to offer one) to return to your restaurant.
  5. provides real-time collected feedback, satisfaction scores and reporting to the subscribing restaurant.

Getting started: Subscribe Now and collect unlimited results for $0 set-up and $19 per month, per restaurant. Your first 32 days of your first restaurants survey program are absolutely FREE. You can register now or if you have questions, please contact us or call 303-817-6115.

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